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I thought that I might as well actually use this damn thing instead of letting it go to waste like the self-hosted WordPress site I had set up a year or two ago, which I promptly never touched. (Only once posting after I put up a hello world post here.)

So I thought to myself, maybe I should just dump bits of whatever is on my mind here. Surely nothing would go wrong with that.

Hey,, I like your site a lot but I think you should really add two things. Post tagging (a la WordPress), and the ability to just pin a post or two to the top of our Listed pages. If I decide to use public posts for more than just me shouting into the void (perhaps, a story in parts?) then I'd like to have my nonexistent readers be able to get to things a bit easier.

I guess something for the StandardNotes guys too, maybe some extensions support for mobile too. I can't push/update blog posts/private notes from my phone, of which I do a lot of writing on. Maybe it is already in the works, maybe I'll try and let the developers know myself after this goes up.

Two nights ago I was fidgeting with some clicky thing I bought off of [mass]Drop, I had the stupid idea of buying some of the most tactile keyboard switches I could think of (Zealios in particular came to mind) and tossing them into it. I bought a fistful of them before I tried taking the damn MX Greens that were already in there out. Turns out they're glued in, so I just bought an empty shell from the dudes who make them.

On the topic of keyboard switches, I'm still on the fence regarding putting together the GH60 kit I have sitting around. I got things coming up which may leave it half completed for a few weeks and I don't want to leave it that way and forget what I was doing.

Speaking of things coming up, I'm going to Ireland on the 22nd. A bad idea with the pandemic and all, but I originally booked it before it because as widespread as it is now. But it is for my long distance girlfriend which I haven't visited since late last year and I think she'd need something to brighten up her days with what's going on in the world. Even if it means I'll be locked up in a room for two weeks, but it beats having the Atlantic between us.

Maybe things will magically get better between now and then, but something tells me it won't.

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